4 benefits of getting a new roof installed

Nail It Roofing Portland OregonLiving in Portland, Oregon, the winters can be harsh. And those harsh winters and weather conditions could damage your roof. Is your roof worn and old from bad weather or age? If you have noticed problems with it, it may be time to finally think about having it replaced. Getting a new roof for your home has a lot of benefits. There are many things you could gain if you choose to have a new roof installed by a contractor.

1. A new roof can increase the value of your home.

Having a new roof installed is a great investment to make. A new roof could dramatically increase the resale value of your house, so if you are planning to put it up for sale shortly, you should think about getting a new roof installed. An old roof can seriously degrade the value of your one, so have a new one installed, by its newness, increases the value of your property.

2. A new roof can help you save on utility bills.

Have you noticed an increase in your utility bills over the past few months? That might be because of your roof. An old roof can be drafty and let out more heat and let in the cold. If you would like to save on gas or heating bills, then you may have to get a new roof installed. A new roof over your house can keep the heat in more effectively.

3. A new roof is much safer than an old worn-out roof.

An old roof can have a lot of hazards. Shingles may fall off and hit people on the heads. A hole can appear which can let in moisture and wild animals from the outside. This moisture and animals could cause damage to your home, and in the worst cases cause damage to your wiring which could cause a fire! If you want to keep your home’s inhabitants safe, then you may have to think about getting a new roof installed. A new roof will be much safer be less prone to failing, leading to less damage to your home overall.

4. A new roof can be better than getting an old one repaired.

If your roof is old and damaged, you may think that you should get it repaired instead of replacing it. However, in a lot of cases, having a new roof installed is the better choice to make. This is because an old repaired roof can get damaged again in the future, which leads to you having to pay for repairs again.

So it is sometimes the wiser choice to get it replaced with a new one. You can be assured that your new roof will not get that easily damaged. A new roof will also last a much longer time than a repaired old roof. There are also a lot of Portland Roofing Contractors, which you may hire. So it is very easy to have a new roof installed too!

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